About Solid Internet Results

Solid Internet Results was formed to help the owners of small to medium sized businesses grow their business, while spending less time working IN their business, and more time working ON their business.

And to hopefully have a lot more fun along the way!

Company Vision

“To Help Small Businesses Become Big Businesses”

Small businesses right now are struggling. Financially, times are hard. Businesses are being forced to lay people off. Owners are spending more time working IN their business, for less pay.

Business owners have less free time, and more stress. They are working harder, but getting smaller results.

Why is this? These business owners don’t have the right marketing plan.

Business owners are experts at their business, not at marketing.

But there is an answer…

Why spend thousands of dollars on marketing tactics that don’t work anymore, or spend thousands of dollars trying to learn how to do effective marketing, or even worse, don’t do any marketing at all? Why not hire marketing experts that can focus 100% of their efforts on growing your business?

With the economy’s most recent downturn, business HAS CHANGED. People are doing more research in deciding who to do business with.
Those businesses that aren’t following the most important “best practices”, that aren’t marketing EFFECTIVELY, and aren’t leveraging the power of the internet and mobile marketing will be passed up by those that do.

We have the solution.

We can provide powerful, effective marketing solutions for any small business looking not to “maintain” current profitability, but to grow it quickly and effectively.

Using the internet, mobile marketing, and countless marketing and business development tactics and strategies, we have the ability to take any small business and make the business earn more money, while implementing systems that give the owner more time freedom, all while having a lot more FUN along the way.

Using cutting edge tactics and strategies, Solid Business Consulting will improve any company’s bottom line profits in a short timeframe.


Company Goals

  • To help provide extremely high value content and training to business owners.
  • To help small business owners double their profits
  • To help small business owners avoid laying off their employees
  • To help small business owners become THE authority in their area
  • To stimulate the local economy
  • To help business owners make more money, while having more time and more fun
  • To give back to local communities


If you’d like to work with us and let us help you grow your business, while having more time off, and having more FUN, contact us for a free business assessment at 858-888-9955 or by filling out the contact form now.

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Jon Barrett - Solid Internet Results

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