If your Google Adwords account has been “permanently suspended” (or you don’t want it to be!), not to fear – there is a solution.

In the video above, you’re going to learn:
– Step by step instructions for how to reverse the “Google Slap”
– Keys to getting your account re-activated
– What to do if Google hates your landing pages
– The 5 steps you need to follow in order to be re-instated
– How to get your Google rep to work on your behalf
– The exact pages you need to add to your site (that you probably don’t have)
– What to put below ALL of your opt-in forms in order to have Google love you (most people get this wrong)
– What to do when you do everything right but it still doesn’t work
– Best practices for getting the best shot at success

Follow the steps in the above video and the odds of getting your account re-activated are VERY high.

Check it out and let me know how it goes!

Resources Mentioned in the Video:

Sample templates you can use for your pages

Adwords Policy Center

How to “Fix a Suspended Site”

Submit Your Site for Re-Review

Google’s Phone Number: 866-2-GOOGLE