Below are some of the top resources we recommend. Each of the resources below are products and services we personally use and highly recommend.

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Resource List


The WordPress Classroom – If you are using WordPress (and you should be) for your website, this site is an absolute MUST to check out. I consider myself an advanced WordPress user, but I reference this site all of the time. I can edit HTML, PHP, and CSS, and I understand how to edit themes and plugins, but I still go to The WordPress Classroom for help. It’s GREAT for newbies, so if you are just getting started with WordPress, you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know to get up and running. If you’re more advanced or at an intermediate level, you need this resource even more. The videos are great but there is also an online community of WordPress users who can help you out with anything you need help with. Whenever I run in to a problem with WordPress, this forum is the first place I go, and I’ve always gotten my question answered quickly.

Go sign up for the WordPress Classroom now, and I’ll see you in the forums 🙂

WordPress – Here’s where to download WordPress

WP Twin – This program is a must-have for cloning and backing up your website. You can easily clone the entire site as-is, including the full setup, plugins, themes, settings, and images.

This comes in handy when you are backing up your sites OR if you decide to move servers. It completely clones your site so you don’t need to set up everything again, you just run this program and it does it all for you.

Landing Pages

OptimizePress – Easy landing pages that look amazing

WordPress Plugins

OptInApp – Get opt-ins using Facebook

Video Marketing

Video Sales Lab – For video creation, scripting, filming, and more. Joe is the BEST video guy you will find. He specializes in product launch videos, but he can do anything you need. Joe does all of my videos and the videos for the GKIC San Diego and GKIC Temecula chapters. If you need anything regarding videos, contact Joe first and see if he’s available to help. He is the best of the best when it comes to video and gets my highest recommendation.

Easy Video Player – When it comes to using video online, you have 2 options. #1) Host your videos on a shared video site (like YouTube), or #2) Host the videos yourself.

There are benefits to both, but if you’re using video on your websites, Easy Video Player is a must-have. It’s what I use on all of my sites and I use for all of my clients. It allows you to do a lot of cool things with your videos, like have a “splash image” for people to click on (which lets you put a custom image and text on it), and at the end of your videos you can display custom text, images, buttons, etc. And a bunch of other great stuff. Check out the site for more details, but if you are using video, I’d get this player.

Traffic Geyser – For video submissions. I’ve used Traffic Geyser for years and this allows you to submit a video once and the system will send out your video to 30+ video sharing sites. Which basically means it’s a great way to distribute your video across the internet without a lot of work.

Plus Mike Koenigs and the team over at Traffic Geyser do a great job and put together awesome tools. I go to all of their events and I always learn a lot and have a great time. You can’t go wrong investing in any of their programs or events.


Infusionsoft – This is an advanced follow-up system. It has an email autoresponder, a shopping cart, an affiliate program, does fulfillment automation, list segmentation, and a LOT more. It’s the best follow-up system out there in my opinion. It is expensive so it’s not for everyone, but if you’re already having some success and want to automate a lot of the work you’re already doing in one system (instead of using multiple systems), Infusionsoft is the way to go.

Aweber – This is an email autoresponder system, which I’ve used for years. It’s one of the top autoresponder services, so if you just need an email autoresponder, this is what I recommend. It’s around $20 a month.

Domain Names

Godaddy – This is where I manage all of my domains. I have used others and just don’t like the interfaces as much. You can get domains other places, but I like Godaddy the best. Just know that they will try to upsell you 10,000+ things, but you don’t need any of those. Don’t get hosting or website setup or email accounts or whatever else they offer, just get the domain names. If you use the coupon code “diggnation” you’ll get domains for less than $8.


Hostgator – Hostgator is a great hosting company, and is the one I recommend for most people. They have great customer support and I’ve never had a problem with sites going down or any technical details. You can get hosting for cheap ($10 a month) which gives you unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage. You also get cPanel access which basically just means it’s easy to manage.

The only downside of Hostgator is you are using shared hosting, so occasionally you will run into problems with your site slowing down, but that’s rare. Also, if your site gets a lot of traffic or uses a lot of programs and plugins, you might run into problems with maxing out on ‘processes’ and you’ll get errors. I mention that because it can be important but I’ve only ran into that problem a couple of times so for 99.99% of you that will never be an issue. Sign up with Hostgator and if you ever need to upgrade or you have problems, then you’ll want a hosting account at Rackspace (listed below).

Rackspace – Rackspace is a high level hosting service that operates on a “Cloud”, which basically means your site is spread out across multiple servers instead of sharing one with a bunch of other sites. What this means for you is you can send 10 people to the site or 10 million people to the site in one day and you won’t have any downtime and your site won’t slow down. It’s a great service but it is more expensive if you want your own account. However we are able to provide Rackspace hosting for smart business people (which means you, since you are on this page) 😉 at a much lower price. Contact us if you want to use their hosting and we’ll get you a sweet deal!

Search Engine Optimization

Justin Lofton w/ Fresh Rankings – The best SEO company you’ll find, and trust me – I’ve looked. After working with several companies overseas and SEO guys in the US that were unreliable and didn’t get the job done, I finally came across Justin and his team and haven’t looked back since. I recommend all of my clients to Justin, and if you want your site to rank in the search engines, don’t go anywhere else. He’ll tell you what you need to do, and make a plan for getting your site ranked. So far from everyone I’ve sent his way, I’ve had 100% of them become raving fans. Tell him Jon Barrett sent you 😉

Direct Mail

Upper Hand Marketing – Direct mail lists, hand-written letters, and more

Business Development and Marketing Advice

Timezone Marketing, Inc – Henry Evans is the Glazer-Kennedy Independent Business Advisor for San Diego county. I have the pleasure of working with Henry at the GKIC San Diego and GKIC Temecula chapter meetings, I am in Henry’s mastermind group, and I’ve done personal coaching with him, and he is the smartest person you will ever meet. If you want to improve your business, hire Henry. He will tell you exactly what you need to do to become more successful.

Social Media

Facebook Page Creation – Contact us

Musselwhite Marketing

Local Events

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